We know you don't want to worry about wildfires. This is why we do this for you. We do it from space.

Our Mission

We make a commitment to future generations by using remote sensing and machine learning to fight the global issue of wildfires.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a major impact on keeping our forests safe and healthy by offering a tech solution to mitigate wildfires globally.


Use Tech for Good

We build ethical AI solutions that shall support the flourishing of human kind. By focusing on the importance of healthy forests we aim to reconnect humans with nature instead alienating them. Our products are designed to bring together diverse actors to solve the problem collaboratively.

Offer Systemic Solutions

We look at the root cause of problems and create solutions to tackle it. We believe that systems thinking is the key to bring change for a sustainable planet.

Act for Climate Change

All our daily operations are driven by the desire to contribute to mitigating the risk of climate change. By helping our clients to adopt better forest management practices we want to ensure our trees acting as natural climate solution.

Impact Entrepreneurs

We have an impact entrepreneurial mindset and are optimistic that business can generate the biggest impact to solve pressing issues NOW.

How we Help:

Helping Government and Private Companies reduce Wildfire Risk

Helping Government and Private Companies reduce Wildfire Risk

Who we help:

  • Public Sector

  • Insurance

  • Utilities & Infrastructure

  • Forestry

  • Our Impact

    Increase efficiency: reduce time and cost, help improve communication and collaboration across organizations

    Improve safety: monitor changes & help prioritize actions